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they're just dumb

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Dean isn't very individuated. Sam is used to it. They've been in each other's pockets their whole lives. Their boundaries aren't the same as most people's. They don't even notice.

Do you like to play with subtext and ambiguity? Do you write stories where the boys do stuff that isn't exactly incest but that normal people probably wouldn't do with their siblings? If so, post it here for other fans to enjoy! Fanfic, art, vids, meta, it's all good. We accept all genres, all pairings, all ratings, all everything. Except for the exceptions, so please read the rules.


~No flaming, insults, rudeness, or being mean. Discussion rocks. Attacking people sucks, and not in the positive, life-affirming fashion. If you know you won't like it, don't read it. If you read it anyway, don't respond to it unless you can be civil.

~Anything long, explicit, or with large/multiple images needs to go behind an lj-cut.

~Stay on topic to SPN and the Sam&Dean relationship. No picspams of your kittens (unless your kittens are brothers named Sam and Dean and you have photos of them cuddling, because awwww). Also, no J&J squee, unless it's about them talking about Sam&Dean, mmmkay?

~This is not a download comm. No episode clips, please.

~If it's just Sam and Dean killing monsters and eating breakfast, with nothing OTT in their relationship, that goes in spn_gen. If it's just Dean and some random hot chick and no mention of Sam, that goes in spn_het. If Sam and Dean are having sex with each other, that goes in wincest. If it's somewhere inbetween, wheee, that goes here!

We're nice people. If you do something against the rules, we'll tell you what and ask you not to do it again. And this is a fun fandom, I doubt we'll ever need to do anything more than that, right?

Love, ciaan and beckaandzac